Our Story

We are a small family-run company based in Caldecote Village, Warwickshire. For generations, our family has worked in and around the ice-cream industry. Through our passion and love for food, we decided to use our experience and knowledge to create a selection of luxurious recipes made with real authentic ingredients, sourced from around the world and designed in a factory constructed with the sole purpose of creating them. 

Over 8 years, we tried to bring this dream to life, and we succeeded by failing in more ways than we thought possible!

However, we now believe that we’ve mastered our craft and started a company worthy of our name.

Hand made right here in Britain

We believe a flavour should be simple, clean and true to its name. We’ve gone to great lengths to create a collection of luxurious sorbets, gelatos and ice creams that we believe live up to this. From pressing our own coffee, and  creating our own caramel to achieve the flavour we desire.

We now supply the catering trade in the midlands and neighbouring counties with over 30 glorious flavours. Here are a few of our favourite creations :

Madagascan Vanilla
Soft, velvety gelato steeped with finely chopped Madagascan vanilla pods for 24 hours. Brings a touch of authentic luxury to the world’s most popular flavour.
Luxury Strawberry
One of our hardest flavours to master. For three years, we’ve tried to create a high-quality strawberry gelato and failed! Now, by seamlessly blending 40% strawberry into a beautiful thick gelato base, a touch of lemon and finishing by folding in a delicious strawberry compote, we believe we’ve found the perfect balance.
Italian Coffee
To create this Italian favourite, we first needed to find the right coffee beans. What better coffee to use, than the dark Italian espresso we start every morning with! Freshly pressed and seamlessly blending 30% coffee into every batch of gelato.
Belgian Chocolate
The finest cocoa is carefully melted and whipped into a thick, creamy gelato, then lightly salted to create a dark, rich and luxuriously smooth Belgian chocolate flavour.
Salted Caramel
A flavour full of depth…swirling our homemade, rich, buttery salted caramel sauce through a gently caramelised gelato.
Sicilian Pistachio
We say you can’t put a price on quality, but this one’s close. These little green nuts cost a fortune! However, they do create an amazing gelato. The finest green Sicilian pistachios are carefully crushed, before being blended with a smooth gelato to produce a rich, distinctive, nutty flavour.
Raspberry Sorbet
Using over 50% fruit to create this unmistakable raspberry sorbet. Bold in colour, bold in flavour. A great palate cleanser!
And more...
Many more !

For more information on flavours, prices and deliveries, please check out our brochure or get in touch.

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